Board of Directors

At the center of its management is the USHPA Board of Directors.
There are twenty elected regional directors, five directors-at-large, and one Ex Officio director who convene twice a year and vote on policy decisions. Elected directors, apportioned by the population of the USHPA regions, serve for two-year terms; at-larges, appointed by the elected directors, serve for a single year term. Each year, in the fall, the USHPA Board elects its officers. They are the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer and make up the USHPA Executive Committee. Between meetings of the board, the EC is empowered to act on behalf of the board of directors for many decisions that may come up between the semi-annual meetings. This structure permits ongoing decisions to be made in the conduct of the Association's business and provides continuity.

Executive Committee

PositionNameTerm StartTerm End
PresidentPaul Murdoch10/21/201710/20/2018130516
Vice PresidentAlan Crouse10/21/201710/20/2018100557
TreasurerMark G. Forbes10/21/201710/20/2018125591
SecretarySteve Rodrigues10/21/201710/20/2018137349

Regional Directors

RegionNameTerm StartTerm End
Region 1Matt Henzi1/1/201812/31/2019126462
Region 1Richard B. Hass1/1/201712/31/2018132500
Region 10Steve Kroop1/1/201712/31/2018137261
Region 10Matthew Taber1/1/201812/31/2019126719
Region 10H-Bruce Weaver-III1/1/201812/31/2019115139
Region 11Tiki Mashy1/1/201812/31/2019138852
Region 12Paul Voight1/1/201812/31/2019130617
Region 2Robert B. Booth1/1/201812/31/2019133150
Region 2Jugdeep Aggarwal1/1/201712/31/2018121398
Region 2Paul Gazis1/1/201812/31/2019130373
Region 3Alan Crouse1/1/201812/31/2019100557
Region 3Dan DeWeese1/1/201712/31/2018107669
Region 3Kenneth Andrews1/1/201812/31/2019122434
Region 4Kenneth L. Grubbs1/1/201812/31/2019122477
Region 4William Belcourt1/1/201712/31/2018141001
Region 5Randall Shane1/1/201812/31/2019131752
Region 6Tiki Mashy1/1/201812/31/2019138852
Region 7Doyle Johnson1/1/201812/31/2019110995
Region 8Calef Letorney1/1/201712/31/2018104869
Region 9Larry G. Dennis1/1/201812/31/2019123679
Region 9Dan Lukaszewicz1/1/201712/31/2018107725

At-Large Directors

RegionNameTerm StartTerm End
At Large DirectorsSteve Rodrigues10/21/201710/20/2018137349
At Large DirectorsFelipe Amunategui10/21/201710/20/2018112627
At Large DirectorsPaul Murdoch10/21/201710/20/2018130516
At Large DirectorsGregory Kelley10/21/201710/20/2018114670
At Large DirectorsMark G. Forbes10/21/201710/20/2018125591

Ex Officio Directors

TypeNameTerm StartTerm End
Ex OfficioArthur W. Greenfield1/1/201812/31/2018102347